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About Custom Home Medic

After spending over ten years remodeling and helping friends and family with their home-improvement needs, it was time to make a profession out of what I love doing rather than fitting those projects into my spare time. Thus, in 2015, Custom Home Medic was founded. Initially, the company functioned more like a small-town handyman, but today it is much more than that. Our design department offers full professional design services, as well as cutting edge 3D modeling and virtual tours. Our specialized staff can provide both interior and exterior design, product and color selection along with overall consultation to guide you toward the decisions that will create the unique look and feel that you desire to create in your home.

Meet Adam Dawson 

Owner and Project Manager 

Adam has been remodeling homes professionally since 2015, but also has over 15 years of experience in the field. The jump from handyman to professional remodeling occurred with the idea of a themed business using an ambulance for a work truck. The interior of an ambulance with its many compartments allows for a unique material and tool storage system which provides a more efficient experience for builders with fewer trips for parts, making each project run smoother. Custom Home Medic was born with the purchase of the company’s first ambulance/work truck. Currently, the company has four ambulances/work trucks fully outfitted with tools and materials ready to be dispatched to the next job site. In addition, our “green” solar panels have been installed on each vehicle so that power tools can be charged from within each vehicle and operated from an on-board power source, rather than being dependent upon plugging in at clients' homes. We do warn our clients that, in spite of the Custom Home Medic logo on our work trucks, your neighbors will likely come to check on you the first time they see us parked in your driveway!


As a child, Adam was always working on projects. He was home schooled and was active in the Boy Scouts of America, earning the highest rank of Eagle Scout. He and his wife, Lauren, live in Carmel where she grew up and was a member of the Carmel Swim Team. They have two young boys and are active in their church and community.

Meet Rustin Laswell

Architectural Designer and Head Estimator

Rustin is the son of a coal miner and grew up on a dairy farm here in the great state of Indiana. After graduating in 1999 from Indiana State University with a degree in interior design and a second in architectural drafting and design, he started his career with some of the top design firms and construction companies in Indiana. For the past nineteen years, Rustin has worked in commercial and residential design and construction, designing and building everything from banks, commercial buildings, private communities, clubhouses, and offices to custom homes, duplexes, additions, and residential renovations. Rustin also plays guitar in a band and does lead vocals. He attends Traders Point Christian church and enjoys water sports, traveling, and fishing.

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